About Us

Founded in 2015, the Mississauga Summer Chorale unites young people from the Mississauga area with a passion for choral excellence every year during the months of May through August. We pride ourselves in our efforts to connect the youth community in Mississauga through music, as well as supporting the next generation of choral music leaders. We aim to foster valuable skills and professional development for the future leaders of the Canadian choral music community by supporting talented local singers, composers, and conductors. What began as a small group of singers sharing their appreciation of choral music within our local community has growing into four choirs operating with the MSC, under the direction of Artistic Director Kai Leung and Associate Conductors Emily Parker, Nila Rajagopal, Meredith Wanstall, and Nathan Gritter.



Frisson is a non-auditioned concert choir of 80+ voices conducted by Kai Leung and Emily Parker. They perform a variety of contemporary repertoire spanning genres and cultures and are committed to building the choral community among the youth of Mississauga. Over five beautiful years of singing, Frisson has performed music from Indonesia, Korea, South Africa, Sweden, Latvia, and from all over Canada and the United States, and have premiered two new works and many new arrangements of pop and folk songs.


Sehnsucht is the Mississauga Summer Chorale’s auditioned chamber choir. Made up of 28 members, they present high quality performances of both contemporary and classical choral music. They use an innovative leadership structure developed by the MSC’s artistic team, with a strong focus on collaborative leadership that allows every member to work at the highest level possible. Over the past seven years, Sehnsucht has premiered a wealth of newly composed Canadian works, including Benjamin Gabbay’s major work “Requiem l’homme armé” (Commissioned by Conductor Emeritus Victor Cheng) and Katherine Petkovski’s stunning piece “Warm Summer Sun”. Sehnsucht is available throughout the summer for hire to provide music for events or recordings.


Duende is MSC’s soprano-alto choir. Duende is a Spanish word that refers to the deep emotional response one may have when experiencing a work of art. This choir showcases the broad palette of sounds that a treble choir is capable of producing, ranging from tender, to powerful and strong, to innovative. In this way, Duende aims to expand on what most audiences come to expect from a treble choir’s sound. It strives for a gender-balanced and otherwise diverse repertoire, in part by prioritizing works by female and contemporary composers.


Rocambolesco is a TTBB choir directed by Kai Leung. Formed in 2021, they are dedicated to exploring the great low voice choral music across both the classical and contemporary repertoire. In their inaugural season, they premiered a piece for TTBB ensemble, bass drum, and electronics by Canadian Composer Nicholas Wanstall.